Komaki XGT X5 EV Scooter For The Elderly and Specially-Abled Launched, Up To 80km Range

Komaki has announced the launch of their latest product, Komaki XGT X5 electric scooter which will suit all seniors and specially abled people. The two variants have been priced at Rs 90,500 for XGT X5 72V24AH variant and Rs 72,500 for XGT X5 GEL variant (all prices ex-showroom). Both these variants come with a full charge mileage of 80 km. This electric scooter also comes with a mechanical parking feature that is meant to prevent it from being involved in an accident while parked as well.

Komaki announced that over 1,000 elderly and specially-abled citizens have already bought the EV model XGT X5. The scooters are available at all authorised sales touch points across India. All models of Komaki can be booked online and also be purchased through an easy EMI facility.

The XGT X5 is available in red or grey, and both battery types - VRLA gel batteries and lithium-ion ones. It also has regenerative braking systems for enhanced safety. Finally, the fully equipped model comes fitted with a repair switch that quickly fixes any problems identified during self-diagnosis so that riders can safely get to their destinations without delay or fear of battery failure - but it's not exactly clear how this feature works just yet...

"As a leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer, we feel that it is our responsibility to serve the people of this country without leaving anyone behind. We stand by our vision of creating a clean and green India as we embark upon newer journeys to delight our customers. We believe in investing in the happiness of the people, knowing they will continue to support us wherever we set our foot," says Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division.

Thoughts on electric scooters for the elderly and the specially-abled

The issue of mobility in old age will become increasingly important. One of the most popular choices when it comes to personal transport is a motorized scooter. And the electric scooter is becoming a popular mode of transportation for the elderly and the specially-abled, as it allows them to keep independent and mobile longer.

Also, the biggest advantage of these vehicles is they allow the user access to areas far away, often dirt roads and pathways that conventional wheelchairs cannot traverse. They can also be used in areas with few facilities for the specially-abled people such as airports, shopping malls and parking lots. Electric scooters are also relatively cheap, with prices starting from as low as Rs 30,000. For those who have trouble walking, this can be a real money-saver.

However, electric scooters for elderly and specially-abled are not suitable for people who have severe balance or coordination issues. They also require a certain degree of physical strength, as they can be heavy to push. Elderly people with weak bones may also find them too heavy.

The Future of electric scooters for elderly and specially-abled people?

Until recently, the only choice when it came to personal transport for elderly or specially-abled people was wheelchairs. However, electric scooters have taken over in popularity.

The biggest problem facing the manufacturers of specialized transport is to develop models that can go faster without sacrificing safety. There have been many cases of accidents involving these vehicles, some fatal. The biggest problem seems to be the lack of experience among users and the fact that they are used on public roads where other vehicles with faster speeds are present.

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Article Published On: Friday, August 13, 2021, 21:15 [IST]
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