Bengaluru Traffic Police Announces Rs 500 Fine For Two-Wheelers Without Rear-View Mirrors & Indicators

The Traffic Police in Bengaluru has announced a fine of Rs 500 for two-wheelers being ridden without rear-view mirrors and indicators. The Bengaluru Traffic Police have announced this fine based on the findings of a survey. This survey found that failure to use the rear-view mirrors and making a sudden deviation without proper indication is the biggest cause of fatal accidents in the city.

Rear-view mirrors and turn signal indicators are two of the most important safety aids on every motorcycle and car out there. Yet they turn out to be the most ignored devices by a majority of riders and drivers. Thousands of two-wheelers in the city do not have rear-view mirrors installed on them and thousands more do not have turn signal indicators in proper working order.

Millions of vehicles do have these instruments on them, but a majority of the riders ignore them and do not use them at all. The problems caused by this are obvious. Not using turn signals to indicate that the vehicle is about to make a deviation results in other drivers/riders being confused and this could lead to accidents.

Not using the rear-view mirrors before making a steering input can cause vehicles approaching from the rear to crash. These crashes can damage the vehicles even at low speeds, while at higher speeds, it could be fatal especially for two-wheeler users. Section 5 & 7 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates the use of rear-view mirrors. However, this wasn't enforced in a strict manner until now.

B R Ravikanthe Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police in Bengaluru was quoted as saying, "A lot of accidents, also including those resulting in fatalities, were found to have happened as the motorists failed either to use the rear-view mirrors or to switch on the indicator promptly before taking a turn. A recent study analysing accidents in Bengaluru has shown that sudden deviations have been the prime cause of fatal accidents."

Two-wheeler riders found to be riding without rear-view mirrors will be fined Rs 500, and those without turn signal indicators too would have to cough up the same amount as a fine. This wouldn't sit well with the thousands who are currently riding around without a rear-view mirror.

Thoughts On Bengaluru Traffic Police Imposing A Fine Of Rs 500 On Two-Wheelers Without Rear-View Mirrors & Turn Signal Indicators

Riding without a rear-view mirror is a nuisance and so is riding without turn signal indicators. The traffic police can only fine those who are seen riding without these instruments. However, there are thousands of motorists whose vehicles have mirrors and indicators mounted on them, but fail to use them.

Many don't even look in the rear-view mirror and do not use the indicators too. These motorists are equally responsible for accidents. Unfortunately though, there seems to be no way to monitor these motorists for now.

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Article Published On: Monday, April 12, 2021, 11:41 [IST]
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