Uber And Yulu Offer Eco-friendly Commuting In Bangalore — Will We See The Garden City Again?

Research proves that average traffic speeds in a metropolitan city stands at less then 20kmph. Why you ask? Well there is an increase in the number of vehicles on an every day basis. In addition to almost stand-still traffic movement, there is also the pollution problem.

This basically means that every day commuters could travel around the city faster if they use bicycles. In order to easy traffic conditions, and to save 'on-road' time, cab aggregator Uber has partnered with technology-driven mobility platform Yulu. The idea of this partnership is to provide people with the options of using either e-bikes or bicycles. Uber and Yulu will start this venture at Bangalore.

The e-bikes that will be provided as an option can touch speeds of a little over 25kmph. In addition, user do not need a drivers license in order to ride them. The e-bikes can be rented on a pay-per-use basis.

There are advantages of using Eco-friendly micro-mobility options. Users reduce their carbon footprint and help in a little way towards preserving the environment, and of course, they also witness an overall improvement in personal health.

Uber users can book an e-bike ride via the Uber application by tapping on the 'Try Yulu' tab. The Yulu e-bikes can be unlocked by scanning a QR code on the e-bike making it a fairly simple process of use and return throughout the city.

In order to promote the use of e-bikes in the city, Uber and Yulu are offering the three rides on the house. The idea is for people to witness the ease of movement a few times before they take a conscious decision to use Yulu as primary transport.

Thanks to Uber's thoughtful green initiative, all one needs to do is know how to use the app on a smartphone. Hop on to the bike, tap on the 'Try Yulu' option on the Uber app, and follow the prompts — and one has an Eco-friendly alternative to conventional means of transport.

Thoughts About Uber And Yulu Partnering To Offer Eco-friendly Commuting

Fantastic initiative by Uber and Yulu. We know there are a few players offering pay-as-you-use bicycles but the real difference will come via the e-bikes. Smart, convenient, and easy on the pocket. What's more is if this takes off, Bangalore will become what she used to be, green and pollution free.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 17:13 [IST]
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