Indian Rider Pays Fine Of More Than Rs 66,000 In Australia For Triple Riding

An Indian man paid a hefty fine of more than Rs 66,000 for riding triples in Australia. The incident happened in New South Wales, Australia when the man was riding a scooter with his wife and grandson.

Indian Rider Gets Fined More Than Rs 66,000 In Australia For Triple Riding

It is said that old habits die hard. Well, it is true in the case of this Indian. In India, riding triples is an offence that most motorists would have committed at some point in time. In rural areas, triple riding is an everyday sight, with hundreds of two-wheelers being spotted with three adults on it.

Even though it is against the law, people still do it because there aren't many policemen to check it. In cities though, there is a different type of triple riding that is considered permissible. Two adults and one child is considered permissible as long as the child is not very tall. In some cases, two adults and two young kids are also permitted.

This has been the tradition in India, and the Indian couple who were fined in Australia were probably thinking that it is permitted there as well. According to NSW Police Force, the Rider was in possession of an Indian driving license and claimed that he wasn't aware of the rules.

The man was 67-years-old, his wife was 59 and their grandson was 6-years-old. Hence, by Indian standards, he wasn't really committing an offence It is not legal in India too, but is generally accepted.

Indian Rider Gets Fined More Than Rs 66,000 In Australia For Triple Riding

Well, in other countries, including Australia, neither is it legal, nor is it acceptable. The Indian rider on the scooter in Australia was stopped after the police received information. The police even gave the rider a breath test for alcohol, the result of which came in the negative. The police then fined him for three infringements and his wife for one.

Riding with passenger without helmet cost him $344 (Rs 16,510) and three demerit points. Riding with passenger under eight years of age and not in a sidecar cost him $344 (Rs 16,510) and three demerit points. Riding with more than one passenger again cost him $344 (Rs 16,510) and three demerit points.

His wife was fined $344 (Rs 16.510) for being a motorcycle passenger but not wearing a helmet. Images show that the couple were in possession of two helmets, but one of the helmets was used to cover their grandson's head.

Thoughts On Indian Rider Being Fined More Than Rs 66,000 For Triple Riding In Australia

Earlier this month, the Indian government implemented the new Motor Vehicle Act which revised the fine slabs. Indian motorists were paying large amounts of fines for all offences. Riding without wearing a helmet or seatbelt ensured a fine of Rs 1,000. Bigger offences like riding/driving under the influence of alcohol entailed a fine of Rs 10,000.

However, Indians raised a hue and cry about it and stated that the fines were too high. The argument was that other developed nations can impose such hefty fines because the infrastructure provided by them too is good. However, it appears that people can commit an offense irrespective of the country they are riding or driving in.

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Article Published On: Monday, September 23, 2019, 20:59 [IST]
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