Ather Energy Working On Affordable Electric Scooter — Will Compete With Honda and Aprilia

According to AutoCar India, Ather Energy has been planning to launch two new scooters by 2021. Sources now confirm that one of these scooter models will be an affordable product, and it will launch with a price that's closer to 125cc Internal Combustion Engine powered scooters.

Ather has an ambitious target of retailing one lakh units by June 2021. To achieve this, the company needs a large increase in production capacity, entry into more markets and, most importantly, an affordable, high-volume product. As is, Ather's most affordable scooter is the Ather 450 which retails at Rs 1.23 lakh ex-showroom (India). That is almost twice as expensive as the current 125cc sellers.

The new, mass-market scooter that Ather Energy is working on is expected to feature cheaper and alternates to premium materials like aluminium. We expect that components like the grab handle, mirror stalks and side stand to be made out of steel or cast-iron.

We could also see Ather simplify the other features like the instrument cluster that displays rider information. While we do not know what kind of motor will be featured, the company has said that it will not witness too much of dilution in performance or range.

The current bunch of 125cc scooters are prided between Rs 55,080 (Hero Destini 125) and Rs 72,920 (Aprilia SR 125). Popular 125cc scooter models like the Honda Activa 125 and TVS NTorq 125 are priced somewhere in between. We expect the new Ather electric scooter to be closer to the price of the Aprilia, for the simple reason that battery tech is still very expensive.

Ather also said, during 2018, that they were also working on an electric motorcycle. This project is still at a research and development level, however the focus for now is expansion in to various cities, and the affordable scooter we've been talking about.

Thoughts About Ather Energy Launching An Affordable Electric Scooter

Ather has just made a lot of people smile. Yes! We need electric vehicles to be priced closer to what the ICE scooters are priced at. Yes, electric vehicles need to be cheaper if they want to sell, and want to create a buzz. We are thrilled that Ather is making the effort to bring electric vehicles to the limelight. We may even buy one!

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Article Published On: Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 11:52 [IST]
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