Motorcyclist Rides Off Cliff; Lives To Tell About It

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Skids and crashes are part of owning a motorcycle — something all of us have experience at some stage or another. The magnitude of the spill, however, is what decides a riders future.

Some live to tell about the experience, while some of them are unfortunate. Here's an example of a rider who had a bad crash – rode off the hill – and lives to tell the tale. The unfortunate accident took place in California, on a windy stretch of canyon roads.

The video shows how Matthew Murray, the rider, lost control of his Yamaha FZ-10 and flung himself off the cliff. The drop was around 250 feet off the road, and the rider is lucky to have survived such a crash.

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    Murray claims that the motorcycle's steering locked up, thus ended up running the corner wide and crashing. Below is the video of the crash.

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    Riding a motorcycle in the twisties can become a handful even for the most experienced riders. A small skid or losing the front-end of the motorcycle can lead to a disaster, especially if there is a cliff that is not protected by barricades. Murray's incident is something that we can all learn from.

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