India To Soon Have A Commercially Manufactured Electric Motorcycle

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Soon meaning in two months, Tork Motorcycles is set to launch its first and India's first commercially manufactured electric motorcycle, the T6X.

Tork Motorcycles is a Pune based electric bike manufactured company and its first product for India, the T6X has been designed ground up. The T6X will pitch in to take on the 125cc commuter segment category, although not in terms of pricing.

The company claims that the T6X will be priced higher than its competitors, but the low running cost of the motorcycle will help recover the additional cost in a year's time. A full charge will cost around Rs. 10 to 20, and the company has already set up two charging stations in Pune.

tork motorcycles t6x

Powering the Tork T6X is lithium ion battery which can attain 80 percent charge in one hour, when charged from a 15A source. The electric bike can be charged fully in two hours, while the charge lasts for a range of 100km. The bike can also reach a top speed of 85km/h, which is electronically restricted.

Features include regenerative braking, display with navigation, and Android and iOS compatibility. The T6X is expected to launch in India around this festive season.

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