Top 10 Best Selling Two-Wheelers In May 2016

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The two-wheeler segment takes a prominent role in the automobile industry in India. Two-wheelers continue to add fuel to the economy and the most used form of commuting in the country.

Here are the top 10 best selling two-wheelers for the month fo May 2016.

10. TVS Jupiter

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

TVS is witnessing a spurt in sales of the Jupiter, it has debuted on the list compared to last year in May 2015. The Jupiter toppled Honda Dream to take the 10th position, it had the highest sales ever in April 2016 of 40 percent.

TVS Jupiter is gearless scooter comes with good options of colour and style, the scooter is powered by an 110cc engine which produces 8bhp of power and peak torque of 8Nm.

9. Bajaj Pulsar

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

One of the most sought after bike in the country, the Bajaj Pulsar continues to hold on to the 9th position. The Pulsar is the only performance and sporty looking bike in the top 10 list.

The Bajaj Pulsar is the preferred choice even though there is a downward trend with 13 percent compared to last year's number. Bajaj sold 46,307 units in May 2016, however, it had sold 53,263 units in May 2015.

The Pulsar comes in a various state of capacities of 150, 180 and 200. The Pulsar CS400 is expected to be launched in July or August 2016.

8. Bajaj CT 100

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

Another Bajaj motorcycle makes up the list is the CT, it has in fact dropped from 6th to the 8th position compared to May 2015, that's 22 percent drop.

The Bajaj CT is a pure commuter bike, and its USP is its mileage of 89kmpl. Hero's Glamour has performed better and pipped the Bajaj CT 100.

7. Honda CB Shine

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

The only Honda two-wheeler on the list, the CB Shine continues to be the best bike from the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer. However, it has dropped from 5th to 7th position and Hero Glamour has edged out in terms of sales.

One of the main aspects of the Honda CB Shine is its powerful engine and a good combination of mileage and style of the bike. Making the CB Shine the most efficient and comfortable bike in the country.

6. Hero Glamour

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

Hero Glamour has reasons to celebrate as it has increased sales to 28 percent the second best-selling performer after TVS Jupiter. The bike is stylish with its rounded design yet not compromising in the mileage front.

Hero sold 74590 units of the Glamour compared to 58434 units in May 2015. The trend looks like it might be the best 125cc segment leader.


Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

The only moped in the country and even the only moped in the list is the TVS XL, it moved from 7th to 5th position this year. TVS XL saw an increase in sales of 19% and makes it the best performer in the top 10 best selling list.

A favorite among the mass market which does a dual duty of commuting and goods carrier. TVS XL makes its sales especially in the rural market, it churns out a good mileage of 71kmpl.

4. Hero Passion

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

The Passion from Hero is preferred both in the rural and urban areas with its simple yet stylish design. However, it witnessed a small reduction in terms of sales with a drop of 6 percent compared to May 2015.

The 100cc Hero Passion comes with a frugal engine and churns out a decent mileage of 75kmpl.

3. Hero HF Deluxe

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

The Hero HF Deluxe has moved up one position from 4th to the 3rd position with a solid performance of 20 percent in terms of sales.

With pricing as its USP and providing good looks and a mileage of 70kmpl its a solid product from Hero. Hero continues to rule the list with several bikes making and improving in sales.

2. Hero Splendor

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

The Hero Splendor does not have any competition from any of the bikes in the country, it is the most sought after bike in the country with numbers of 207,010 units in the month of May, 2016.

There have been none to displace it from its position and might take some time before any other bike challenges it.

With the back-up of the Hero, the Splendor is the preferred choice simply because of the quality of its build and mileage with a frugal engine, a combination hard to ignore.

1. Honda Activa

Top 10 Best Selling Two Wheelers In May 2016

The numero uno crown goes to the Honda Activa, a king among the scooters, and many such titles are given to the Activa. Honda sold 237,317 units in May 2016 alone.

Honda Activa ticks most of the boxes when it comes to quality, post sales service, mileage and comes with a powerful engine. The next best competitor for the Honda Activa is a distant 10th position held by TVS Jupiter.


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