Bengaluru’s Syed Asif Wins 2016 Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally

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Syed Asif Ali from Bengaluru has won the 2016 Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally. He rides for Team TVS Racing and rode a race prepped Wego scooter. Overall, the Bengaluru rider was handed penalties worth 32.43 seconds and still managed to win the rally.

Shamim Khan was aiming to secure his fifth victory at the Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally. Unfortunately, his dreams were squashed by Syed Asif Ali who rode brilliantly in the treacherous conditions. This year, 53 riders participated in the Monsoon Scooter Rally.

The 2016 Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally was the 27th edition of the popular event. This time, the rally was sponsored by Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited. Sportcraft organised the scooter rally, which was also their 351st event.

In second place was Khan, riding for Team Mahindra on the Gusto. Erimal Sherkharan rode his Yamaha Alpha into third place with all-new winners. Previous winners did not manage to finish within the top five, owing to an even more competitive course.

Individuals who took part for the first time were awarded for their participation. Among all of them, Mohsin Mehbook Khan was the best, riding a Yamaha Alpha. He was awarded the late Firdosh Vajifdar trophy for his efforts at the 2016 Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally.

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