Lighter & Aerodynamic Is The Route For New Suzuki Hayabusa

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The Hayabusa from Suzuki has been on sale for the last seventeen years. The Japanese two-wheeler giants now plan on introducing an all-new model for 2017. Their goal is to make the 2017 Hayabusa lighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessor.

The current generation Suzuki Hayabusa weighs 266 kilograms. A leaked patent design reveals that engineers will reduce the weight of 2017 Hayabusa considerably. For a long period, the Hayabusa dominated the hypersport bike segment.

Hayabusa recently lost its crown to Kawasaki's updated ZX-14R motorcycle. Both motorcycles have been constantly in battle to claim the title of being the fastest production bike. The 2017 Hayabusa is expected to regain its lost crown and hold on to it for a long period.

An all-new frame is being developed for the 2017 Hayabusa by Suzuki. Lightweight material with robust cross-bracing will provide required rigidity. The designers and engineers will form the chassis from a solid cast to stop flexing of the chassis.

The overall design of the 2017 Hayabusa will also be revamped by Suzuki. We expect the hyperbike to be equipped with various tech goodies. Suzuki will offer various equipment to make the bike as easy to ride as possible for new as well as experienced riders


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