Suzuki Gixxer & Gixxer SF Special Edition Treatment For Festive Season

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Suzuki Motorcycles India has not launched anything new recently. They are gearing up for something very interesting ahead of the festive season. It is most likely that an all-new special edition will be rolled out to attract buyers.

Gixxer and Gixxer SF models will be receiving SP Edition treatment. Here are a few teasers from the brochures of all-new SP Edition models. So far, Suzuki Motorcycles India has not confirmed a launch date for the special edition models.

Both models will receive an exclusive Grey paint scheme, along with a chequered flag and SP Edition decals. Gixxer and Gixxer SF with SP Edition will also feature Red and Black dual tone premium seats. All black alloy wheels with Red pinstripes will also be offered on the SP Edition.

SP Edition from Suzuki Motorcycles India is most likely to be available only in dual disc brake option. No mechanical changes will be carried out on either motorcycle. The same 154.9cc single-cylinder, an air-cooled engine used in Gixxer and Gixxer SF will be utilised.

Expect Suzuki Motorcycles India to charge a slight premium for SP Edition models. It is most likely that SP Edition models will be available in limited numbers. Stay tuned for more updates from Suzuki Motorcycles India and its product launches.

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