Scott Redding & Danilo Petrucci Share Unpleasantries Post Aragon GP

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Teammates is a better word for rivals using the same equipment to outdo each other. Pramac Ducati riders face a similar situation currently. Ducati is prepared to give only one rider 2017 Factory assisted race machine, with maximum updates.

Scott Redding and Danilo Petrucci currently are fighting for 2017 Ducati Factory machine. Now, the duo is trying to impress Ducati officials for the Factory machinery. Their first priority is to defeat teammate, who is using the similar equipment.

Pramac Ducati Riders Fight For 2017 Motorcycle

Now, at the 2016 Aragon GP both riders collided and brought no points for the team. Petrucci crashed into Redding, which ended his race prematurely. MotoGP race direction handed Danilo Petrucci with a ride through penalty for irresponsible on track behaviour.

Pramac Ducati Riders Fight For 2017 Motorcycle

Danilo Petrucci explained that his Ducati had issues with the engine braking. This caused the incident with Redding, which forced him off track. Petrucci was apologetic post race, however, this is not the first time he has been involved in an accident.

Pramac Ducati Riders Fight For 2017 Motorcycle

Redding, on the other hand, was completely displeased with Petrucci's on track demeanor. Scott Redding admits that he has completely lost respect for his team mate. He also had a few other words which were surely not pleasant compliments towards Danilo Petrucci.

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