New Kid In The Block! OddBall Electric Scooter Finally Goes To Production

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The Oddball electric scooter, which was revealed back in 2012, was to be put into production and the team behind its creation were waiting for some pre-orders.

But in 2016, this mini marvel has finally made it to production. The e-bike measures just 1 meter long, with an impressive range of 86km. It's powered by a three phase brushless motor, which gives an output of 111Nm torque.

The drive is delivered to both wheels, under a patented all wheel drive system. The scooter can reach a top speed up to 87km/h, and gets 6-inches of ground clearance.

There are many versions of the scooter on which the range depends. The base model, BOXX e will cover 32km with a top speed of 45km/h, while BOXX will have a range of 64km with a top speed of 56km/h. Finally the top version BOXX M will have a range of 86km with a top speed of 87km/h.

The price for this scooter starts at $2,997 for BOXX e, $3,797 for BOXX, and $4,987 for the top variant BOXX M.

So if you're looking to own this it can be purchased from their company website directly.

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