Iconic Michelin Man To Appear In First Ever TV Commercial In India

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French tyre manufacturer Michelin has announced the launch of its first television commercial in India.

Based on the theme, 'Safely Ahead' the safety campaign will air on Indian television channels in a few days time and will mark the debut of the iconic 'Michelin Man' in India.

The campaign, which will be seen on TVs as well as on the internet highlights Michelin's ability to provide safer mobility for two-wheeler riders with the help of its innovations delivered over the past 125 years and its technological prowess.

The campaign centres around three major problems for riders on Indian roads — bad roads which dictate the fitment of robust tyres, wet roads which need grippy tyres and braking. 

Michelin which was founded in 1889 is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The tyre manufacturer has over its 127-year history has been responsible for many innovations including the first ever replaceable tyre for two-wheelers (1891), the first slick tyres for motorcycle racing (1974) as well as the first ever radial tyres for road going motorcycles (1987). The tyre maker is the sole supplier of tyres for the Moto GP racing series as well.    

Michelin's iconic Michelin Man (Bibendum) logo was dreamed up by its founders, brothers Édouard and André Michelin and was brought to life by French illustrator O'Galop when it first appeared in 1898. in the year 2000, the Michelin Man was voted the best logo of the 20th century by an international panel.

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