Honda Tapukara Workers Enter Seventh Day On Hunger Strike

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The unrest at Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India's facility in Tapukara continues. An indefinite hunger strike has been issued by workers at Tapukara facility. Now, five workers have entered the seventh day of their hunger strike with no end in sight.

Unrest at Tapukara facility began when five employees attempting to form a Union were terminated from their services. These five employees have been on an indefinite hunger strike. The workers want to form a Union so that there is some sort of job security.

During February 2016, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India laid off 3,000 employees at Tapukara. A petition has been filed in August 2016, to form a Union for workers at Tapukara facility. Recently, other workers from the facility have also joined the hunger strike in defiance.

At this moment, it is unclear if Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India would bend backwards. Stay tuned for more updates and news from the hunger strike to form a Union at Tapukara facility unfolds.

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