Honda Navi vs Honda Activa Comparison

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One of the best selling two-wheelers in India is the Honda Activa, which although is a mere scooter, has all it takes to compete with motorcycles. The Activa is smooth, effective for city commute, and is very easy to ride. The Activa is the best selling Honda brand in India.

Now, Honda has come up with another commuter, one that breaks the traditional looks and design, called the Honda Navi. On the first glimpse, one would think it's a kiddy bike, but the fact is no, it is meant for adults.


  • Honda Navi: Rs. 46,000/- onward
  • Honda Activa: Rs. 53,000/- onward

Note: Both values are approximate on-road prices (Delhi)

honda navi front profile


The Honda Navi could be called the modern day Rajdoot GTS (Bobby). The motorcycle is short, and has either a love it or hate it design. The Navi is more of a mini bike than a scooter, and currently has no other vehicle that looks the part in the Indian market. The Navi has a low, upright seating position, and the overall dimension of the Navi makes it easy to maneuver in the city.

The Honda Activa's design suddenly seems very boring compared to the Navi, since it sportrs a traditional scooter design. Many would opt for this design since it has been tried and tested. Also, the traditional scooter design makes it easier for ladies to ride the Activa.

honda activa front

Engine Specification & Gearbox

The Honda Navi is available with a standard 109cc, air cooled, single cylinder engine that produces 8bhp and 8.8Nm of torque. Power is delivered to the rear wheel through an automatic gearbox.

honda navi rear

The Honda Activa i and the 3G are powered by 109cc air cooled, single cylinder engines too, producing the same power and similar torque figures. The two scooters come with an automatic gearbox as well.

honda activa rear


The Honda Navi features telescopic front forks, monoshock at the rear, drum brakes for the front and rear, analogue meter console, external fuel filler cap, electric start, and a storage space below the fuel tank. It is quite simple and Honda has offered the Navi with features that are important for day to day use.

honda navi side

The Honda Activa comes with drum brakes up front and rear, analogue speedometer console, electric start, under seat fuel filler cap and storage, and tubeless tyres.

honda activa side


When it comes to safety features, both, the Honda Navi and the Activa come with Honda's Combi Brake System (CBS), that engages both brakes when the rear brake is applied. Apart from CBS, there are no other safety features on both vehicles.

honda navi brakes


Now, if a person is looking blend into the system, the Activa is a very good vehicle. It has a proven design, great features for a scooter, and is very practical. But if you are a person that wants to stand out and have more fun, the Navi is the choice.

honda navi adventure

Honda has targeted the Navi towards youngsters, and the one-of-a-kind scooter/ motorcycle crossover will surely be fun to ride on the streets since it offers the traditional motorcycle ergonomics, but the simplicity of riding a scooter.

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