Honda Air-Conditioning System For Motorcycles Patented

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Luxury and comfort are usually associated with four-wheelers. Luckily, more and more two-wheeler manufacturers are innovating creature comforts for motorcycle and scooter owners.

honda air conditioning motorcycles

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter division have patented an air-conditioning unit for two-wheelers. So far, only four-wheelers have had the luxury of air-conditioning on hot summer days. Now Honda will soon be offering its two-wheeler customers with an air-conditioning unit.

The patent design by Honda is unique and features as a stand-alone unit. Honda's air-conditioning unit needs to be mounted on the tank. A small blower, which works on rechargeable batteries has been provided. Designers have offered a zipper that allows storage of small goods as well.

honda air conditioning patent

Vents for the air-conditioning unit will be directed through a flexible outlet towards the helmet. Air will be pulled in through the sides of the tank bag through mesh openings. Under the tank bag, there is storage for an ice pack that will provide cooler air on hot days.

At this moment, only a sketch of the Honda air-conditioning unit for two-wheelers exists. We will have to wait and see if Honda engineers actually decide to make a functional unit and offer its customers.

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