New Tyres & Wheels Being Developed By Ducati Engineers

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Engineers at Ducati are constantly innovating and developing new technology to further improve their two-wheelers. A few design sketches have surfaced, which showcase the future of tyre and wheels from Ducati Motors.

A design patent has been filed in USA, China, and Europe by Ducati. They are working on a redesigned wheel and tyre for their sportsbikes. The centre of the wheel will get rubber support to absorb shocks from the surface thus, reducing uneven chatter on the motorcycle.

Modern bike makers have been mounting their engines on rubber mounts. Ducati Motors, however, has not done anything similar and plan on introducing their new technology to solve the issue. The rubberised centre on Ducati tyres could further improve handling.

The new wheels by Ducati with rubberised centre could mean that the motorcycle will need new tyres. Special tyres may have to be developed that will be unique to future Ducati models. The Italian manufacturer will surely weigh in the pros and cons of the all-new wheel.

Ducati engineers will not be omitting the shock absorbers, however, the new system will aid in reducing stress higher up. Apparently the patent designs have been made by Claudio Domenicali, the Chief Executive at Ducati. Stay tuned for more updates on the new wheel and tyre technology.


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