Dakar Stage 9 Updates: Toby Price Leads

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Stage 9 of the 2016 Dakar Rally has concluded with Toby Price taking the win and leading the overall standings in the motorcycle category. Stage 9 of Dakar Rally is the first half of the second marathon stage and no help can be taken from the support team, but teammates can help each other.

The marathon stage proved to be difficult for HRC rider Paulo Goncalves, because he suffered a punctured radiator in the stage. According to sources, a branch pierced the Portuguese rider's motorcycle, making the coolant leak out. Goncalves will continue racing, after swapping his engine with a teammate.

Also, stage 9 had to be ended at Check Point (CP) 2, due to extreme heat, which went over 100-degrees Fahrenheit at times.

In the car category, Carlos Sainz took the stage victory, followed by Erik Van Loon. WRC Champion Sebastien Loeb finished the stage in the 23rd position, after crashing his Peugeot during Stage 8.

The Quad category saw Pablo Copetti win the stage, followed by the Patronelli brothers. All three places were taken by Yamaha. Gerard De Rooy took the stage win, followed by Ton Van Genugten.

2016 Dakar Stage 9 Results


1. Toby Price (AUS) KTM
2. Ricky Brabec (USA) Honda
3. Antoine Meo (FRA) KTM


1. Carlos Sainz (ESP) Peugeot
2. Erik Van Loon (NLD) Mini
3. Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) Mini


1. Pablo Copetti (ARG) Yamaha
2. Alejandro Patronelli (ARG) Yamaha
3. Marcos Patronelli (ARG) Yamaha


1. Gerard De Rooy (NLD) IVECO
2. Ton Van Genugten (NLD) IVECO
3. Andrey Karginov (RUS) KAMAZ

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