Casey Stoner’s Wildcard Entry For Ducati Not Decided Yet

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Ducati has recently signed Casey Stoner as its official test rider and brand ambassador. The Australian is a two-time MotoGP Champion and won his first title with Ducati. Now, however, both Ducati and Stoner are undecided on his wild card entry in MotoGP.

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Previously, Ducati confirmed that Casey Stoner will be present at World Ducati Week. Casey Stoner's presence will only bring more attention to Ducati. The Italian outfit would love to have him race as a wildcard for a couple of races in 2016.

Casey Stoner, however, is content with his retirement and has no regrets about his decision. Ducati has provided the option of wildcard entry to Stoner, it is he who has not made a decision so far. Racing for an entire MotoGP season is out of the question and does not bother Stoner.

The first outing of Casey Stoner with the new Ducati will be at the end of January. Based on how the test progresses will surely provide Stoner with an answer to participate or not. Currently, his goal is to develop the motorcycle and provide a race winning machine.

Stoner was previously working with Honda Racing Corporation as a test rider. He was going to replace an injured Dani Pedrosa for a couple of races. Unfortunately, Marc Marquez had a terrible beginning in 2015 and having Stoner onboard would have added pressure to his predicament.

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