BMW Motorrad Introduces New eCall SOS System For Motorcycles

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When it comes to technology, Germans always look like they are one step ahead and for the right reasons. The latest tech is from BMW, which is an emergency call system for motorcycles dubbed 'Intelligent Emergency Call' system.

The emergency call system is operated either automatically or manually, sending vital information to the BMW call centre about the rider's location and even the direction he was headed. 

As mentioned earlier, the SOS system works automatically or manually, with three modes. The first mode is when there is a severe crash or an accident, the emergency call system automatically notifies the call centre and also enables the rider to communicate with the executive until emergency services arrive.

The second mode is also automatic, but is for minor falls or crashes. Once the system detects a small crash, it will call for emergency help, but with a 25 second delay. This allows the rider to cancel help if it's not needed. In both the automatic modes, the dashboard of the motorcycle will notify the rider that the system is functioning.

The third mode is the manual mode, which requires the rider to manually push in the SOS button that is located on the right-hand side switchgear of the motorcycle. The distress call can be cancelled by either pushing the button again or by turning off the motorcycle.

Strategically placed sensors gather data and analyse if the crash is severe enough to contact the call centre or it was a low speed fall. A study made in 2011 has shown that using a system such as this helps emergency services react quicker and get to the accident spot almost 50 percent faster.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 15:10 [IST]
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