Ather Energy S340 e-Scooter Might Be The Fastest

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The electric automotive segment is getting interesting every day with vehicle manufacturers planning a model to fill the segment.

Here is an Indian company which is looking to venture with an e-scooter called the 'S340' which will be India's first 'smart' two-wheeler.

Chief Business Officer at Ather and former Flipkart VP Ravneet Singh Phokela says, "We firmly believe that every vehicle is going to be electric in the future - not because we are investing in it - but because as a technology, it is faster than anything else out there today. Optimizing cost structures takes time in any new industry and more people are certain to ride this wave once its financial viability is established."

While we see electric two-wheeler in India, which are basically a battery operated two-wheelers, Ather Energy is looking to build an eco-system around e-vehicles.

Chief Product Officer at Ather, Arun Vinayak, "Auto designs, up until now, have largely been optimized for petrol/diesel vehicles and hence these cannot be used as reference models for electric vehicles of the future. We did not study existing e-vehicles either since most are designed to simply be urban mobility solutions - their maximum speeds may go up in the range of 25-30 km/hr and they are also missing basic safety requirements, we on the other hand, are aiming to build a product that will be faster than even petrol vehicles."

Ather Energy claims the e-scooter S340 can achieve a top speed in excess of 70kmph.

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