Zero Motorcycles Unveil Their 2016 Electric Motorcycles Lineup

Zero Motorcycles have unveiled their entire 2016 model lineup. The California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer is looking to cater to an even bigger audience with two new models.

The two new models: Supermoto-inspired Zero FXS and the dual sport model Zero DSR, will feature new motor designs, faster charging, and advanced lithium-ion cell batteries that will power the motorcycle.

The new Z-Force Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) delivers power more efficiently and cools more rapidly, which means the performance of the motorcycles are better than before. With the Power Tank accessory, the motorcycles will feature a range of 197 miles (317 km) in the city and 98 miles (157 km) on the highway.

The Zero DSR will produce 67 horsepower and 144Nm of torque while the Zero FXS is available in two states of tuning-27 horsepower and 44 horsepower, both producing 95Nm of peak torque.

Prices start at USD 8,495 (Rs. 5.51 lakh) for the Zero FXS and USD 15,995 (Rs. 10.38 lakh) for the Zero DSR. With the introduction of these two new models, Zero Motorcycles now has a total of six models on offer-Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, Zero DSR, Zero FX, and the Zero FXS.

2016 zero dsr front profile
2016 zero dsr in action
2015 zero fxs front profile
2015 zero fxs side profile
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