Project AH A MAY: When Motorcycle Makers Design Musical Instruments

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YAMAHA spelt in reverse is exactly what this project is named—AH A MAY. Yamaha make good motorcycles as well as good musical instruments. So what happens when the music department is asked to build a motorcycle and vice versa?

This is it. Project AH A MAY. Both the design divisions of Yamaha exchanged their design fields, and without any constraints, created designs according to each of Yamaha's method and the way they think.

Both the divisions went about working on their own creative ideas, which would reflect each other's mirror image. The result is just absolutely stunning.

Yamaha's motorcycle division created an out of the world two-person marimba and drum set called the God of Thunder, while the musical department created the Yamaha Root.

The motorcycle is based and designed inspired from a horse. The speedo console has been taken away from the riders point of view to make him feel more connected to the surroundings. A Yamaha FZ-07 was stripped down to create the Root.

As for the drum kit created by the motorcycle division, it is just insane!

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