Mahindra To Debut Peugeot For The 2016 Moto3 World Championship

Mahindra Racing will introduce Peugeot to Moto3 for the 2016 Championship. Mahindra previously acquired 51 percent stake in the motorcycle arm of Peugeot.

Peugeot will be teaming up with Saxoprint Racing Team Germany with a two-rider effort. Riding the new machinery will be Alexis Masbou and John McPhee. They will begin pre-season testing soon and are eager to get acquainted with the new machinery.

In 2015 Moto3 Championship, Mahindra Racing took third place in the constructors title. Mahindra defeated Husqvarna; however, Honda and KTM took first and second place respectively in the Moto3 Constructors Title.

The Peugeot brand in Moto3 2016 Championship will make use of Mahindra's MGP3O motorcycle. Mahindra motorcycles have done well in the 2015 Moto3 Championship. With the inclusion of John McPhee and Alexis Masbou, Peugeot will aim at podium finishes.

Mahindra does not have a factory team in Moto3 Championship. They currently function as a motorcycle and engine supplier to various teams, which is an incredible feat considering Mahindra has been in Moto3 only since 2011.

Currently, Mapfre Team Mahindra races as the official team for Mahindra Racing. They have three riders in Moto3 competition, Francesco Bagnaia, Juanfran Guevara, and Jorge Martin. Next year Mahindra promises to be a bigger competitor in the constructors title.

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