LML Making A Comeback Through South Indian Market

LML (Lohia Machinery Limited) is looking at making a comeback into the Indian market through South India. The company plan on offering retro scooters and a single motorcycle initially. On their website, LML plan on introducing two more products soon, based on new dealerships and demand.

At this moment, LML will be offering three scooters and one motorcycle, which are the Star Euro 150cc gearless scooter, Star Euro 150cc and 200cc geared scooter, and LML Freedom 110cc motorcycle. LML's website says that two mystery products will be launched soon.

Currently, LML only exports its products to European markets. All LML products are manufactured and developed in India, at the company's manufacturing units in Uttar Pradesh. LML plans on increasing its market presence in India by inaugurating dealerships in South India.

LML has a moderate presence in North India as of now and is following it with minimal sales. South India is a huge scooter market and LML would like to be a part of it. LML is looking to open showrooms in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The scooter range from LML continues to be made out of metal. Engine options are also bigger than its competitors in the Indian market. Styling of the scooters is retro/classic and is similar to that offered by Vespa.

Previously, LML products were endorsed by Bollywood actor, Shahrukh Khan, and At this moment, they do not have a brand ambassador. LML scooters are currently offered in over 28 international markets.

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