Honda Montesa Cota 300RR Trials Motorcycle Announced

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Honda, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has announced the brand-new Cota 300RR trials motorcycle, that will join the improved Cota 4RT260 and the 2016 trials models.

The Cota 300RR is a limited-edition, state-of-the-art trials machine that is produced entirely at the Honda-owned Montesa factory in the trials hotbed of Barcelona, Spain.

The brand-new Cota 300RR is a unique, competition-focused motorcycle developed for the most demanding trials riders.

The motorcycle's redesigned 288 cc engine has a longer stroke and larger bore, resulting in increased power and torque across the range, and it has a programmable ECU that allows fine-tuning for varying weather and terrain conditions.

The motorcycle uses lightweight components like a titanium header pipe and aluminum fork, and the weight has been reduced by over four pounds.

A front brake with a four-piston monoblock caliper is standard, as are wheels with aluminum D.I.D rims and black-anodized aluminum hubs.

The 2016 Montesa Cota 4RT260 and 300RR are both limited-edition models and are available only via a special ordering process.

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