Kawasaki Ninja H2 (Supercharged Superbike) Sets A New Top Speed Record

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YouTube Video: Kawasaki Ninja H2 Sets New Top Speed Record

Ever since Kawasaki launched the supercharged Ninja H2 motorcycle, the world of performance motorcycling has gone several notches higher. The Ninja H2 sells for half the price of the H2R, which is a track only monster. In India, the H2 is priced approximately at Rs. 29 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi).

People wish they can own or ride the H2R on the road, but can't, since it is not street legal. So, what would you do, if you already own a Ninja H2 and craving for the H2R's performance?

Take the Ninja H2 to Brock's Performance* . . .

Brock's Performance has set a new top speed record on the street legal Kawasaki Ninja H2. Their sole aim was to beat the H2R's top speed by increasing the performance of the H2 using bolt on kits only.

Brock's Performance came up with a stage 2 kit, which includes a new exhaust system, reflashed stock ECU, custom-mapped fuel-management unit, high-power clutch mod, revised gearing, and a lowered suspension. The stage 2 performance kit for the Ninja H2 costs USD 4000 (Rs. 2,60,940).

These modifications was enough to boost the H2's power to 274bhp from 203bhp! The H2 is powered by a liquid-cooled, inline, supercharged four-cylinder engine. The stage 2 tuning kit has increased the power of the motorcycle by 70bhp.

The H2 piloted by land-speed racer Zack Millholland set a new top speed record of 219.4052mph (353.09km/h); compared to the Ninja H2R's top speed of 218.3406 mph (351.38km/h). The top speed was achieved in a 1-mile stretch.

*Brock Performance is an American-based company developing performance products for track racers who seek a competitive edge and for enthusiasts who look to enhance their riding experience. Click here to visit Brock Performance.

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