Kawasaki Files 10 Patents For Electric Motorcycles

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Joining the league to go green is the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Kawasaki. The company has filed up to 10 patents for electric motorcycles in the last three months.

Kawasaki has trademarked names like the Ninja E2 and the E2R.

Although there is a lot of work to be done, patents reveal the battery position of the electric motorcycle, along with other small details like the frame and components that will be found on the bike.

The Kawasaki Ninja E2 and the E2R could have the tubular steel trellis frame, which has been tried and tested, and the motorcycle could also pack some serious power.

The patent designs reveal that the electric oil pump operation could be started in response to a specific operation done by a rider to start the electric vehicle.

If Kawasaki is able to connect the correct dots, the motorcycle being designed and developed could change the game of motorcycles and the way they are supposed to deliver power.

Let us know about what you think about the eco-friendly green monster that Kawasaki is working on.

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