Italian Sponsors Sector And Gas Back Off From Sponsoring Marquez & Lorenzo

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More news emerges from MotoGP as two Italian sponsors; Sector and Gas Jeans have pulled away from sponsoring Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez. Italian media speculates that this has something to do with the way the 2015 MotoGP season ended.

Two of the biggest sponsors in MotoGP have backed off from sponsoring the Spanish riders after the 2015 Grand Prix season. Now, taking a closer look, one may feel this is an Italian-Spanish rivalry; but no, Gas is still sponsoring Dani Pedrosa.

At the moment, there is still no clarification as to why the sponsors backed off, but it could be because the sponsorship could hurt Sector and Gas' business in Italy. However, let's not come to a conclusion without facts, so let the conclusion wait until there is official news.

Regarding the MotoGp debate, Valentino Rossi spoke his mind out after the final race of the season, and Honda had a reply to Rossi, saying they cannot accept accusations.

Valentino Rossi lost the championship title to team-mate Jorge Lorenzo this year by mere 5 points. 2016 seems to be a fine stage for Rossi to reclaim the title, for which we will have to wait. Stay tuned for more updates about MotoGP.

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