Government Of India To Soon Introduce Two-wheeler Safety Norms

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The government of India is looking forward to introducing two-wheeler safety norms. The aim is to cut down two-wheeler road accident numbers by half, within five years.

The government will also collaborate with the World Health Organisation (WHO), International Road Federation (IRF), and with World Bank to improve the engineering of roads in India and make them safe. In 2014 alone, India recorded 1.37 lakh fatalities and nearly five lakh road accidents.

While two-wheelers account for nearly 72 percent of the vehicles in India, it also accounted for more than 50 percent of accident fatalities. Bad roads is also a major factor in such accidents.

The government is looking forward to equipping all two-wheelers with automatic headlights. There is also a proposal to fit a sound device that can alert people around and nearby, in the case of an accident. The horn is activated when there is an accident.

More news about India's goal towards road safety will be announced at the upcoming United Nations-led global roads safety conference in Rio. Also, India could issue two-wheeler licenses that restrict a rider from riding a particular class of motorcycle if not qualified enough, similar to A1 and A2 licence category abroad.

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