Top 10 Selling Scooters In November 2015

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Scooters, especially the automatic ones have found a huge market potential in India. They are selling in large numbers, mainly because of the fact that they are easy to ride and offer great fuel economy. Also, the congested city traffic has made motorcycles or geared two-wheelers look very complicated.

Since the market is huge, many two-wheeler manufacturers have started to concentrate in this segment, which has intensified the competition. So here is a look at how scooters sold and how many have been sold in November. Here is the list of top 10 selling scooters in the Indian market in November 2015.

Note: Prices are approximate on-road values (Delhi)

10. TVS Zest

Taking the tenth place is the TVS Zest, having sold 7,906 units in November 2015. Having sold more last year during November, the Zest has slid down to the tenth position from ninth.

  • Engine: 110cc, 8bhp, 8.7Nm torque
  • Mileage: 62km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 52,000

9. Mahindra Gusto

Coming at the ninth position is the Mahindra Gusto, which has managed to sell 8,646 units in November 2015. Last year, the Gusto failed to enter the list, which means Mahindra is doing good compared to last year.

  • Engine: 108cc, 8bhp, 9Nm torque
  • Mileage: 61km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 52,000

8. Hero Pleasure

Taking the eighth place on the list of top 10 best selling scooters in November 2015 is the Hero Pleasure, having sold 12,387 units. Compared to November 2014, the Pleasure has seen 40 percent drop in sales.

  • Engine: 102cc, 7bhp, 7.8Nm torque
  • Mileage: 63km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 51,000

7. Suzuki Access

The seventh best selling scooter in November 2015 is the Suzuki Access. The scooter made by the Japanese company has managed to sell 12,959 units, compared to selling 20,234 units in November 2014.

  • Engine: 124cc, 8.5bhp, 9.8Nm torque
  • Mileage: 53km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 58,000

6. Yamaha Fascino

In number six comes the Yamaha Fascino, which was launched in May 2015. The Fascino has been a good seller for Yamaha, and in November 2015, the Fascino managed to register 13,078 units of sales.

  • Engine: 113cc, 7bhp, 8.1Nm torque
  • Mileage: 46km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 60,000

5. Honda Dio

The Honda Dio comes in at number five. The Dio is aimed at the younger generation, who are looking for a sporty looking scooter, which the Dio fits in perfectly. In November 2015, Honda managed to sell 17,090 units of the Dio.

  • Engine: 109cc, 6bhp, 8Nm torque
  • Mileage: 66km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 55,000

4. Hero Duet

Having been launched very recently, the Hero Duet has managed to register good sales already. In November 2015, Hero has managed to sell 18,240 units od the Duet, managing to sell more than the Honda Dio.

  • Engine: 110cc, 8.3bhp, 8.3Nm torque
  • Mileage: 63km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 55,000 onward

3. Hero Maestro

The Hero Maestro takes the third place in the list of top 10 selling scooters for November 2015. Hero has sold 35,672 units of the Maestro, which is actually a drop in sales compared to November 2014, when the Maestro registered 41,959 units.

  • Engine: 109cc, 8.2bhp, 9.1Nm torque
  • Mileage: 68km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 55,000

2. TVS Jupiter

The second best selling scooter during November 2015 is the TVS Jupiter, which has registered 51,768 units. Compared to November 2014, the Jupiter has seen 61 percent increase in sales.

  • Engine: 109cc, 7.8bhp, 8Nm torque
  • Mileage: 62km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 54,500 onward

1. Honda Activa

The Honda Activa continues to be the best selling scooter in India, infact, competing with motorcycles sold in the country. The Activa continues to be one of the best selling two-wheelers in India. In November 2015, the Activa registered 1,83,824 units that were sold.

  • Engine: 109cc, 8bhp, 8.7Nm torque
  • Mileage: 66km/l
  • On-road price: Rs. 53,000 onward
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