Bajaj Auto Provides Clarity On Pulsar RS200 Alloy Wheel Issue

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Bajaj Auto had promised that it would be soon looking into the alloy wheel failure on a Pulsar RS200 model. Both rider and pillion have undergone serious injuries due to this incident and are recovering in a hospital.

The Indian two-wheeler manufacturer sent down a team to inspect the bike and accident. Bajaj Auto has confirmed that they have contacted the customer, who was involved in the incident.

bajaj rs200 alloy wheel

Here are the findings from Bajaj Team that inspected the bike and incident:

They believe an alloy wheel can break only if a large external side impact is caused. Such an impact would not be possible on normal road and even track riding conditions.

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This is evidenced by the direction of the break and marks on tyre and rim in this case.

bajaj rs200 alloy wheel

Pulsar RS200 uses P rated tyres which are good for up to 150 km/h. Both tyre and wheel combination have been tested with the entire motorcycle design to work safely even beyond maximum speeds.

They have also confirmed that the Indian manufacturer adheres to highest quality standards. Their products have been designed for safe operation.

Bajaj Auto has over 50,00,000 customers across 25 countries of the world. During the last 14 years Bajaj has gained trust and popularity with its Pulsar brand.

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