Yamaha Introduces Its RevTranslator App For Smartphones

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Yamaha is the preferred choice of most biking enthusiasts and they come up with interesting motorcycles. They are always finding innovative ways of connecting with their fans as well as followers across the globe.

The Japanese automobile giant has announced the introduction of its RevTranslator. It is free and can be downloaded to a smartphone from Google Play or the App Store. Yamaha had earlier launched the Japanese version and have launched for India its English version.

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The RevTranslator records engine note of motorcycles, which helps the bike communicate with the rider. In a way it is like a doctor for our precious motorcycles. The app is unique and provides excellent communication between man and machine.

All you require is a smartphone with the RevTranslator app and recording option. The app will identify engine sound, bike speed, weather, time and several other complex informations. It will then give you information pertaining to your motorcycle.

The app has six voice characters they can choose from to represent their motorcycle. Out of which they have included a cute female and cool male voice characters. Every time the app is used points will be provided to unlock Yamaha goodies.

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Yamaha has a global slogan that goes by as 'Revs Your Heart'. In a way the are trying to describe the feeling an individual gets when he hears a motorcycle engine fire up. The Japanese manufacturer wants to provide motorcycles that thrill individuals and have a fitting slogan.

The RevTranslator by Yamaha can be downloaded from either Google Play or the App Store. It is a good way to communicate and understand what your bike wants to tell you. The app has been a huge hit in Japan, where it was launched primarily.


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Story first published: Thursday, September 4, 2014, 14:03 [IST]
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