Yamaha India Sets New Goals For Upcoming Years

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Japanese two wheeler manufacturer Yamaha has realised the value of having a strong footing in India. Yamaha India has made up its mind it will be focusing on scooters and motorcycles in the 150cc range, which is expected to boost sales in urban areas.

Yamaha has so far launched humble and simple bikes in India. They have just launched two new scooters in the market, along with refreshed versions in its existing line up. The Japanese two wheeler manufacturer plans to grow in India by 10 percent in the coming three years.

The manufacturer is expected to launch a new product portfolio offering. Yamaha India is expected to follow the top-down approach for its future vehicles. The Japanese manufacturer will offer premium offerings first and will eventually follow it up with humbler versions.

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In India currently the market share of motorcycles and scooters is expected to rise tremendously in the coming years. Yamaha explains the major players in India still are the domestic manufacturers. However, this could all change very fast with the wide range of options, along with competitive prices.

The Japanese manufacturer is expected to increase its manufacturing output. Yamaha India will focus on metro cities first and will then shift its concentration to rural areas of India. They will focus more on premium motorcycles and scooters and eventually move into the mass market segment.

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Yamaha India wants to change its brand persona in India. Most buyers believe the Japanese manufacturer is capable of offering 100 to 150 cc motorcycles and simple scooters. Thus, they are planning to change strategy to a top-down approach with future products.


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