Yamaha Files Patents For New Electric Trike

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Yamaha, one of Japan's leading motorcycle manufacturers is working on its electric scooter lineup, and are now developing a new three-wheeled scooter.

The Japanese manufacturer has reportedly even filed for a patent regarding a leaning electric three wheel scooter with the European and US patent office. This scooter could be based on the EC-03 electric scooter from Yamaha.

Usually, the newer three wheeled scooters have two wheels in the front, like the Yamaha's newly revealed Tricity. The new design Yamaha's working on will be more old school, which will have two wheels at the rear and not the front.

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The interesting feature about the new design will be that it will be able to lean, just like its two front wheeled counterparts, for which the motorcycle company has filed patents for.

According to the patent pictures and the new design, the new trike will have two hub motors, one in each rear wheel, to power the trike and additional swingarm design that enables the vehicle to lean.

Yamaha's EC-03, which is a two wheeled electric scooter that produces about 1.8 Ps at 2550 rpm and 9.6 Nm torque at just 280 rpm. This electric scooter weighs only 56kg.

There are high chances that Yamaha is using the same power house to power the new leaning trike, in which case it could hit dealerships very soon.


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Story first published: Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 17:00 [IST]
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