Yamaha Announce Prices Of New R1 & R1M Superbikes

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Yamaha were present at the 2014 EICMA motor show and had something new and interesting to show the world. At the show they unveiled their two new offerings for the coming year. The next generation of their popular litre-class motorcycle.

The Japanese manufactured pulled the covers off their 2015 R1 and 2015 R1M superbikes. Yamaha's R1M is a strictly track purpose motorcycle and cannot be run on streets. The new R1 is a street legal machine and has been completely redesigned, when compared to its predecessor.

Yamaha has now announced the pricing of both their bikes for UK. The 2015 R1 and 2015 R1M will be available by March, 2015. The street version of Yamahs's superbike is priced at INR 14,61,637, while the track ready motorcycle will cost more at INR 18,02,709.

Yamaha UK has set up a procedure for individuals who plan to buy the R1M. The manufacturer needs buyers to fill out a form, from there they will be informed when their motorcycle will be delivered to them. The website claims that owners can get their track bikes between January to July of 2015.

Yamaha has also planned something special for owners of R1M. The individuals will have an opportunity to take part in an exclusive ‘Yamaha Racing Experience'. the Japanese manufacturer has not revealed details as of now.

The Japanese manufacturer has stripped its R1M of headlights, mirrors and several other parts that are not needed for a track bike. It will get an electronic suspension system by Ohlins. Yamaha will also provide a data logger that will help riders improve their lap times, which can be connected to a smartphone.

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