Could ABS For Two-Wheelers Become Compulsory In India?

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The Ministry of Road Transport And Highways of India has its head deep in thought of making Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), a standard feature for all two-wheelers in the Indian market.

The ministry plans to introduce this system in larger capacity motorcycles first, and then slowly make it a standard safety feature on all vehicles.

Industry experts feel that making the ABS compulsory on two-wheelers is a very good idea, because they have the highest accident rate compared to other vehicles on road. Making the braking more efficient and introducing ABS will reduce the risk of a rider meeting with an accident, after skidding.

Europe has already made it mandatory for big displacement motorcycles to have ABS as standard from 2016–17. The Indian government is working on taking the same step.

A senior government official said, "We in India have adopted the European policy format for the automotive industry, though with a lag to allow the industry to gradually evolve and reach that level."

"Like the emission norms based on EU, we have a roadmap of safety for all class of vehicles. The ABS on two-wheelers is part of that plan to enhance the safety of vehicles in India and gradually adopt standards applicable in developed countries."

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