Triumph Apologize For Selling Bikes With Wrong Specifications

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British motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph was lately in the news for selling underpowered or rather de-tuned motorcycles in India.

The performance figures of their motorcycles sold here were much lower compared to the internationally sold ones.

This had created confusion among Triumph owners here in India.

Triumph has formally apologised for the trouble caused in a statement saying, "It is an error of communication and we should not have used the EU specifications on our website."

"We are doing our best to reach out to each of our Street Triple customers. We will try and understand their grievances and take care of each of the issues. We have been transparent in our approach and Triumph is the only super bike company that gives out detailed specifications of its bikes in India."

Bear in mind, the damage has already been done to many Triumph owners already. That Triumph is the only company that gives out its performance and specifications, is false.

Every company lets its customers know the exact output and performance figures of the motorcycle they produce.

Even the Facebook page of Triumph received messages from angry customers asking Triumph not to treat people here as "ignorant Indians".

The table below shows the difference in performance between vehicles sold here and in the UK:

Triumph Motorcycles Indian Performance Figures UK Performance Figures
Triumph Bonneville 61 PS @ 7500 RPM
61 Nm @ 5550 RPM
69 PS @ 7500 RPM
68 Nm @ 5800 RPM
Triumph Street Triple 79 PS @ 11,050 RPM
57 Nm @ 8375 RPM
106 PS @ 11,850 RPM
68 Nm @ 9750 RPM
Triumph Speed Triple 127 PS @ 9300 RPM
105 Nm @ 7800 RPM
134 PS @ 9400 RPM
111 Nm @ 7750 RPM
Triumph Daytona 675 118 PS @ 12,300 RPM
70 Nm @ 9900 RPM
128 PS @ 12,500 RPM
74 Nm @ 11,900 RPM
Triumph Daytona 675R 118 PS @ 12,300 RPM
70 Nm @ 9900 RPM
131 PS @ 12,500 RPM
74 Nm @ 9750 RPM
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