Royal Enfield August, 2014 Sales Report

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Legendary two wheeler manufacturer from India Royal Enfield has a wide range of motorcycles. Eicher is the parent company of Royal Enfield and have changed the working of the company to achieve better results. They have maintained the retro styling of motorcycles, but introduced modern equipment.

Royal Enfield has revealed to us their sales report for August, 2014. The Indian two wheeler manufacturer of classic motorcycles has achieved growth of 66%. They managed to sell a combined figure of 26,643 motorcycles.

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer has registered selling 26,121 units in August, 2014 in India. However, in August, 2013 they managed to sell only 15,708 units, thus seeing an increase of 66%. Royal Enfield exported 522 motorcycles in August, 2014, while in the same month last year they exported 354 units.

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Royal Enfield has also revealed its sales figures for fiscal year 2014, where they did a total business of 1,92,356 units. The motorcycle manufacturer managed to sell only 1,06,013 units during fiscal year 2013. It is an increase of 81%, when compared to the previous year.

Royal Enfield had organised its REunion North and REunion South in August. There were over 150 motorcyclists that participated in REunions activity. They also made their presence felt at the legendary street racing circuit of Isle of Man Classic TT. This was done intentionally to grow awareness in UK markets.

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In August Royal Enfield also was present at the Bonneville salt flats with Matt Cadri and Nadine de Freitas. Two Continental GT bikes were present that participated in Modified Pushrod Partially Streamlined category. The motorcycles achieved an unofficial time of 157.21 km/h.


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