Royal Enfield 2014 Tour Of Tibet Plan Revealed

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The Royal Enfield is among the most preferred motorcycles for long distance riding as well as for tough terrain. The Indian manufacturer has announced the details of its second edition 'Tour of Tibet' in 2014. The ride is popularly known as the journey to the 'Roof of the World'.

The 2014 Tour of Tibet will commence on the seventh of September, 2014. It will cover a distance of 2,380 kilometres in a matter of 14 days with 30 Royal Enfield riders. It is among the most challenging rides that is on offer to the general public.

2014 royal enfield tour of tibet

For more details and information regarding the 2014 Tour of Tibet by Royal Enfield, click on the following ROYAL ENFIELD 2014 TOUR OF TIBET. The ride begins at Kathmandu and its main attraction is the Everest Base Camp, which is at an altitude of 5,200 metres.

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The Tour of Tibet is organised for riders who enjoy 'pure motorcycling'. In 2013, only 17 riders made it to the Everest base camp, in the inaugural edition. Royal Enfield has already organised rides to Bhutan and Nepal in 2014, this will be their third international ride in 2014.

2014 royal enfield tour of tibet

The Tour of Tibet is challenge for both man and machine. The route offers excellent stretches as well as off-road situations. The riders will have tackle several corners and hairpins along their route. The ride will be scenic pleasure and riders will have to pass across four mountains. It is a must-do tour for every riding enthusiast across the globe.

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Royal Enfield plans regularly tours and rides for its loyalists. However, the Tour of Tibet is organised once in a year. So do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime to challenge yourself as well as the machine. The Tour of Tibet begins on seventh September, 2014 and ends on 20th of September, 2014.


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