MotoGP Bike Setup Explained

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MotoGP is one of the purest forms of motorsports. Here, Man and Machine are put to the ultimate test. The motorcycles should be set up according to the power it delivers and matched to the rider's technique.

Now, when motorcycle riders say setup, it could mean a lot of things from air pressure to chassis alteration. At the same time, when MotoGP personnel say setup, one would probably wonder what on earth can possibly be changed on motorcycles that are built to race.

We bring you an exclusive peek at what goes on inside Cardion AB Motoracing's garage, and to top it off, Marco Grana, Karl Abraham's chief mechanic explains how even millimeters can make the huge difference in these motorcycles.

Small changes to the front and rear suspension, could make heaps of changes to the motorcycle in terms of handling. Even the swing arm can be adjusted, in terms of length and so can the pivot.

The rear wheel can be moved forward and backwards to improve handling in wet or dry conditions.

This video is a very rare peek into the world of motorsports and how motorcycles are being set up for riders.

All these changes on a regular street motorcycle need plenty of time to be worked on, but MotoGP motorcycles, it is just as quick as they rev!

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