Lightning LS-218 - Fastest Motorcycle In The World?

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Lightning Motorcycles, a small start-up electric motorcycle manufacturer based in San Carlos, have claimed to made the fastest motorcycle in the world, the LS-281.

The motorcycle is powered by an electric motor, capable of producing 200-horsepower, weighs around 495 lbs, and has attained a top speed of 218 miles per hour (350.8 km/h) while testing.

The motorcycle, which has no gas tank or an exhaust, gave the builders the freedom to experiment with design, but they chose not to go very futuristic and stuck to a traditional design to appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Glynn Kerr, the designer of LS-218, said, "This isn't a regular gas bike, but how do you show that? You have the same function - it has to hold a human being, and the aerodynamics are the same. How much do we make this something new?"

"There's a 10 percent level,where if you take people past 10 percent, they start questioning it."

The rechargeable battery powering the motor has a range of 100 miles, depending on the riding style. The faster the motorcycle is ridden, lesser the range.

The manufacturers have also delivered the first motorcycle to its new owner. The motorcycle costs USD 38,000.

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