Indian To Ride Suzuki Hayabusa From UK To India

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Indian motorcyclists are huge fans of long distance riding, which is no easy task. Innumerable individuals from the country have attempted the ‘Iron Butt' or ‘Saddle Sore' challenge. Many of us too regularly frequent some of the world's most dangerous and treacherous roads in the Himalayas.

On 25th of October, 2014, Sushanth Shetty will set off from the UK aboard his Suzuki Hayabusa on a journey to India. The Indian motorcyclist will attempt to make the fastest overland journey between two countries.

Sushanth Shetty told us, "I'd always fancied riding a bike from the UK to India and came up with the plan in Bangkok while travelling through Asia. I've also done a bit of riding across Europe before. But I didn't think I was cut out for six months or so of riding and 'finding myself'; I wanted to do it as fast as possible."

He further added, "So I tried and thought about a few different bikes, but it had to be the Hayabusa. It should be a good journey and I'm looking forward to setting off. I'm looking forward to going to Sofia in Bulgaria, Ljubljana in Slovenia and Istanbul in Turkey. I'm also a bit apprehensive of Eastern Iran and Pakistan."

The journey from UK to India is expected to be completed in 15 days of continuous riding. This, however, will be possible only if they can get permission to pass through Pakistan. The journey could be further delayed if he would have to take detours through Dubai.

The Suzuki Hayabusa will be kept in India post the journey. It will be displayed at 2015 India Bike Week (IBW), after which it will be shipped back to the United Kingdom. Sushanth Shetty will be heading back to the UK post his long ride on the 23rd of November, 2014. We wish him all the best and want to see him achieve this daring feat.

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