Harley Rock Riders Season 5 To Commence On 15th November

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The American manufacturer of power packed cruiser motorcycles, have always been huge on creating festivals and meet ups for their community. Now Harley-Davidson will be commencing their fifth season of ‘Harley Rock Riders'.

The rock music festival will be organised by Harley-Davidson and ‘Only Much Louder'. It will be held at Richardson & Cruddas foundry, Byculla, Mumbai on the 15th and 16th of November, 2014. Over 20 bands will be performing on two stages across the two days.

Pallavi Singh, Director Marketing, Harley-Davidson India expressed, "Paradise City was the first ever song that Guns N' Roses licensed to a commercial - Harley-Davidson's iconic Black Sheep TV spot. Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Billy Idol, the list of Harley-Davidson's rock rebels rolls on."

She further added, "Harley Rock Riders is a festival that brings rock music and motorcycle lovers together, both bound by their burning desire for self-expression. Over the last 4 years, Harley Rock Riders has emerged as a festival that promotes indigenous rock bands and gives them a platform to showcase their talent. We can't wait to see what Season V has in store for us!"

The Harley Rock Riders will be a festival that will focus only on rock music. There has been a need for a rock festival and Harley-Davidson have decided to provide its fans with one. Hundreds of Harley-Davidson owners are expected to show up at the event, which will be music in its own right.

Tickets for Harley Rock Riders are available at www.insider.in, tickets can also be purchased at Harley-Davidson's showroom in Bandra and Turbhe. Pricing for the festival are as per follows: Rs. 999 for a single day and Rs. 1,500 for the season ticket. For any other details CLICK HERE.

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