Free Petrol To Those Who Follow Traffic Rules In Ahmedabad

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India currently is known as the worst place in the world to be a two-wheel or four-wheel owner. The driving conditions have not improved though the vehicles offered are more powerful than before. There are several accidents recorded on daily basis that involve fatality.

The government has been trying various methods to improve safer riding and driving conditions. All this is not possible as most people blatantly disobey traffic rules. They either put themselves in danger or others on the street.

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The city of Ahmedabad has come up with an enticing method to improve road safety in their city. No, they will not be fining people with heavy charges, instead they will be offering coupons of free petrol. The police officials in Ahmedabad have commenced this drive only for two-wheelers currently.

The traffic officials will be halting people who are following most rules and wearing adequate riding gear. They will receive coupons, which entitle them to a litre of petrol free for their good job. People whose bike documents are also up to date will be rewarded.

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There are several traffic rules in India and all of them are meant for a safer experience on road. The city of Ahmedabad has made a smart move of rewarding people for their own safety and proper documentation of vehicle.

We believe more cities in India should implement this method of providing rewards. There has been a buzz that soon vehicles will not receive any fuel unless they have a valid PUC certificate for their vehicles.

All those who have proper papers and safety gear should be awarded by any sort of gift coupon. We may not understand they ‘Fine' method, we might just like the ‘Free' method. This could be the only method perhaps that could entice individuals to at least wear a decent helmet, while riding a two-wheeler.

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Story first published: Monday, November 17, 2014, 11:16 [IST]
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