Cornering ABS System For Motorcycles By Continental

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The current Government in India is planning to implement several safety measures for cars as well as motorcycles. They plan to make it mandatory that four wheelers will offer airbags and ABS as standard equipment, while two wheeler will have to be compulsorily offered with ABS.

Every component manufacturer is trying to develop their own ABS system for two-wheeler manufacturers. Continental has introduced their own Cornering ABS system for motorcycles. In most international markets ABS is a standard safety feature.

Continental's Cornering ABS system will be primarily offered on BMWs S1000XR. The German motorcycle manufacturer will be the very first to offer this system on a motorcycle. In the coming future we could see more BMW models using Continental's ABS system.

The ABS system by Continental takes into consideration a variety of factors. It will analyse roll, pitch, acceleration and lean angle, thus providing the best brake performance by Continental Optimised Curve Braking System. The system enables the motorcycle to slow down, while keeping it upright at all times.

Currently Bosch is the only manufacturer that offers a similar Cornering ABS system. They introduced their technology in 2013 and is offered on several motorcycles. KTM offer Bosch's ABS system on their 1290 Super Adventure motorcycle.

We hope motorcycles coming into India also get the Cornering ABS system. Most manufacturers coming to India are still not offering ABS as standard equipment on larger displacement motorcycles.

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