Bajaj Kawasaki And KTM To Increase Exports

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India's largest two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj, is planning to better and increase relations with Kawasaki and KTM. This move is being done to increase exports and further grow unit sales.

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In India Bajaj holds top honor in export of both three-wheelers as well as two-wheelers. They have an established work relation with African market and neighbouring countries. This year witnessed low domestic demand however high export revenue made up.

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer has intentions to offer its products in Brazil and Asean countries. Bajaj has a marketing agreement and has been selling bikes in Philippines and Indonesia.


In markets where Bajaj doesn't have their network or where the brand is less popular like Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil. These countries are top of the list as they have a huge two-wheeler market.

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In developed markets like Europe, United States, Australia and Japan, they will sell bikes through KTM. Bajaj has a 48% stake in the Austrian company.

Bajaj manufactures its two-wheelers in Chakan, Maharashtra. In the previous year, KTM bikes too were produced here and Bajaj managed to manufacture 1 out of 3 bikes. However, the Indian manufacture is confident by 2017 it will produce 1 out of 2 KTM bikes, which will be sold worldwide.


Bajaj has their business model, regarding export models and products. In certain markets bikes will be sold and marketed as Bajaj bikes. While certain markets where the brand isn't familiar or their subsidiaries are known, they will market bikes as Kawasaki Bajaj.

Most developed and mature markets will get bikes that will be marketed under the KTM branding alone. This strategy, is applied, as not to disturb customer loyalty.

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