Hero Motors Finds New Partner In Erik Buell

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Hero MotoCorp has finally found itself a partner. After breaking up with long term partner Honda, Hero was without a partner for close to a year. It has now found a technology partner in the form of American motorcycle manufacturer Erik Buell Racing.

Erik Buell Racing will be providing Hero the much needed technical know how and help in design. Although Hero MotoCorp has not acknowledged it, but it is a fact that it would have struggled without a partner that has advanced technology. Hero is still relying on Honda for its engine technology.

In fact, even after it announced a new brand identity and launched new models in the form of the Impulse and the Maestro it does not have an independently developed model in its line-up. It was evident that both these models were re-branded Honda products.

Hero MotoCorp in its statement has said: “ As part of the partnership,(Hero) will receive support in terms of cutting-edge technology and design to develop future models from EBR." Hero's new partner is an American company famous for its racing motorcycles as well as street bikes. It is famous for building track motorcycles.

Hero will get a new boost from this partnership as this will effectively eliminate any shortcomings in its technologies. Hero is currently using Honda's technology with a license and it needs to pay royalty to the Japanese company as long as it does so. The royalty will take a lot out of its finances and Hero has cleverly found a partner to reduce these costs.

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