Zoom Car: Could It Be A Dangerous Self Drive Concept?

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Zoom Car has a great concept going—hire a self drive car. To many, this would seem like the best thing to do since they get a car to drive by themselves for a very reasonable price.

Think again, what if the driver is not that well experienced? What would happen if such a person rented out a car? The results could be scary!

This is exactly what these pictures prove. A self drive car, a Ford Figo that has been wrecked in an accident!

Looking at the photos, it looks like the Figo has been rolled more than once. It has severe damages on its roof and side, while the windshield has been shattered as well.

There is no news as in how the crash happened or what happened to the occupants of this Figo or even the location. Only wish nothing bad.

So, one thing to always keep in mind while renting out such cars or even driving your own is that keep safety and the Indian traffic laws in mind.

When there are boards that ask you to stick to a speed limit, stick to it. Also, another major reason is falling asleep behind the wheel. If you are sleepy or not had enough sleep, ask a friend to drive or stop, take a quick power nap before you resume.

Another thing that occurs is that could the self drive concept be dangerous? Or should the Indian Driver's licence tests be more strict, to make sure cash is not the only means of getting one?

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